Thursday, April 19, 2007

Northern California Bearded Collie Regional Specialty

This is where we are as I make this post, at the Northern CA Bearded Collie Regionals. We did herding yesterday and we are doing rally, obedience and agility today. We will be back tomorrow doing conformation. Watch the beardies bounce!

Agility in Dixon

This is how we wait for runs to start when we are tired.

Haute Tracs

The big 4 day USDAA trial in Dixon! I ran PVP Team on Thursday dressed up as Mario from Super Mario Brothers. We had high winds on Sunday and major rain on Saturday. It's always a really fun trial with all the chill USDAA people. Here are some quick snippets.

Congrats to all the champions! Including, my fav boston, Elvis!

My partner in 2 costumes at once from both her PVP teams. Notice the Luigi hat.

My team partner's other team partner in her costume. Dressed as a doctor and a surgeon, their team was called "Life After The Knife."

The only leftover evidence of my costume, the red and white striped socks worn over 2 pairs of socks since it was so cold.

Phoebe with her smashing Doghouse t-shirt.

Gamblers/Pair of Dice AKC

Spent 2 days at the Gamblers/Pair of Dice AKC cluster with one of our favorite trial secretaries, Steve Herwig. Check out the Flatcoat foot action!

One of my favs, little Petunia, her handler competes with an electric scooter!

Dachshund Club Of America

We shot the Dachshund Club of America National Specialty 2007 in Sacramento, Morgan Hill and Dixon. Had tons of fun, we covered agility, obedience, rally, field trial, earth dog and tracking. What a blast watching these little guys frolicking. We went high into the hills for the field trial trying to pop as many rabbits as we can!

Who said doxies can't herd?

Tracking in Morgan Hill

Earthdog in Dixon

Agility in Dixon

My infrared tree

Vallejo DTC

Back in North California, I ran and shot Vallejo DTC on Saturday with our favorite trial secretary, Lorie Abbot.

Check out the extra cute boxer, my boy, Apollo!

New Iberia KC AKC

Finally posting to the blog, I'll be posting pics from some past trials for a while to get caught up. Here's a couple of my favorites from Louisiana.

Check out the hairdo

Ever seen a white puli?

This is how we relax at trials...