Thursday, April 19, 2007

Haute Tracs

The big 4 day USDAA trial in Dixon! I ran PVP Team on Thursday dressed up as Mario from Super Mario Brothers. We had high winds on Sunday and major rain on Saturday. It's always a really fun trial with all the chill USDAA people. Here are some quick snippets.

Congrats to all the champions! Including, my fav boston, Elvis!

My partner in 2 costumes at once from both her PVP teams. Notice the Luigi hat.

My team partner's other team partner in her costume. Dressed as a doctor and a surgeon, their team was called "Life After The Knife."

The only leftover evidence of my costume, the red and white striped socks worn over 2 pairs of socks since it was so cold.

Phoebe with her smashing Doghouse t-shirt.